Starting a Food Truck : How To Guide


Starting a Food Truck : How To Guide

In this part by part Blog Series, we will be covering the adventures of starting your own Food Truck business, with as many informative procedures and ‘how to’s’ , to help you get the inside guide and knowledge from the manufacturing experts @ Elross. 

Elross have been helping create Australias best Food Truck for over fifteen years, from design, construction, kitchen fit out right through to assistance for council and health inspection following all AS Standards and ADR’s. We are here to help 

This new generation of mobile catering has taken Australia by storm. Perth has a very active and emerging food truck culture.

You don’t need a large kitchen to create fantastic meals for customers on the go.
Food trucks provide fast and accessible dining options for busy workday lunches or catering for corporate events and are quickly becoming popular at festivals and other outdoor events.


First of all we dont need to get really basic here guys, you should already have a handle on the type and style of Cuisine you wish to sell. But you will want to consider HOW you want to sell your product, WHO your competition is and WHY you will be different.

Clearly, your decisions will be influenced by ;

  1. Your startup money, budget and potential for returns
  2. Your commitment to the business: part time, full time, etc
  3. Your creative ideas and what it will take to fulfill them
  4. Your experience at running a business
  5. The size of the business you want to start
    Your ideal demographic

If your struggling at this point for answers, you need to re evaluate what your intentions are. Get onto the drawing board, get out on the streets and get some research under your belt.

Places like Perth Food Van on Facebook or by visiting the WA Food Truck Association  can assist with vending info and also hold information nights.


Right. So you know your product, demographic, budget and commitment level you can progress to getting your food van going… STOP! 

The very first port of call once you have these figured out is taking a trip down to your local council.  They will inform you of all the relavent forms/information and hygenie regulations that you must complete and in turn having this done at the very early stages, can avoid lengthy delays later or during the construction/fit out phase of your food trailer or truck. Most councils  will have their own rules and regulations surrounding safety, health and licensing. This is where Elross assists you during the design and construction phase, helping supply you with the layout and dimensions of your proposed van for the council to see before production commences. Most will require To see the position of sinks (usually min x 3) Water Tanks and sizing and the overall layout of equipment and S/steel benches. If Range hoods are required it is useful to include this also.

During this Initial stage it is also Time to Engage with your Food trailer/ truck Builder.

Join us soon for part 2 of Starting a Food Truck : how to guide